End Child Sex Abuse

Since January 2015 at least three girls under 15 years have lost their lives in circumstances related to sexual abuse in Jamaica. Two of the girls were confirmed pregnant and all three were murdered by the perpetrators of the abuse. There is a need for a greater understanding of the problem of sexual abuse, a recognition of the various forms it takes, and its impact on the thousands of girl children who suffer mental, physical and social damage as a result of this violation of their bodies and spirits.

"End Sex with the Girl Child" The NUH GUH DEH - Diaspora here in the USA will align its key outcomes to those of NUH GUH DEH - Jamaica, which includes bringing awareness and urging a zero tolerance approach to the abuse of children by:

1. Increasing awareness about the long term physical, emotional, health, financial and social consequences of sexual abuse of young girls and boys

2. Mobilizing communities to report acts of sexual violence against children

3. Encouraging Jamaicans to use the phrase “Nuh Guh Deh!” to challenge current behaviors of men who sexually exploit children.