About Eve For Life


EVE For Life was founded in 2008 in response to a dire need for support to women and children living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.

Women in Jamaica face the brunt of the epidemic as caregivers and breadwinners for infected husbands and children. Statistics show that women account for 42 per cent of cases in Jamaica. In the age group15 to 24 years old, infected women more than double the number of men.

Women and children are increasingly seeking psychosocial support and skills to help them to live normal lives. Eve for Life seeks to fill that gap.

EVE for Life was registered in February 2009 as a non- governmental organization (NGO) with charitable status.  


Eve For Life is a champion in shaping a world where the sexual health and rights of young women and girls are protected and upheld.


To improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights, and quality of life of young women and girls exposed to HIV and sexual and gender-based violence.


Goal 1: To ensure comprehensive, client-centred, non-discriminatory sexual health services for adolescent girls through education and training

Goal 2: To expand the mentor mom initiative within the Jamaican health care sector as the main focal point for the provision of Health support services to adolescents mothers

Goal 3: Design and deliver strong capacity development programmes promoting positive attitudes to PLHIV, healthy sexual behaviours, parenting skills

Goal 4: Increase the scale and coverage of HIV communication for the general population

Goal 5: Strengthen policy engagement for teen mothers and women and girls living with HIV

Goal 6: Address behaviours fuelling the epidemic such as sexual coercion, violence against women, and transactional and cross-generational sex, and sex trafficking


Eve for Life core services and programmes include parenting interventions, HIV and AIDS counselling, social support, training and capacity building, Heducation and community sensitisation and mobilization and advocacy.

Some of our services are influenced by The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) of Uganda, a best practice in HIV and AIDS response.

We offer counselling services to women and children with HIV and AIDS and their families

• Provide parenting support for families living with HIV
• Minimize the social ills caused by HIV and AIDS through psychosocial support to clients and their families.
• Empower children and young people living with HIV to participate effectively in the HIV response through life skills programmes
• Provide VCT support and training to EVE and other organizations to ensure the effective provision of counseling and support
• Sensitize the public and to promote positive attitudes towards people with HIV