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Who Are We?
Eve For Life (E.F.L.) is a non-government and civil society organization that was founded in 2008 to support young women and children living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS.

We utilise interactive, learner-centred and participatory approaches with our clients in ways that honors’ their diversity. Our programmes provide psychosocial support to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities of women and children living with or affected by HIV and Sexual Gender Based Violence, including their families. This is accomplished through life skills programmes geared at strengthening their resilience to navigate and respond to their experiences. Using a variety of empowerment tools, the programmes aim to improve clients’ coping strategies and their ability to reintegrate in the various facets of their lives and help them grow and develop into self-motivated and empowered individuals.

Eve For Life focuses on the prevention and management of these issues through innovative trauma informed care, development programmes, advocacy efforts, transformational communication and empowering techniques.
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Our Core Goals
Goal 1:

To ensure comprehensive, client-centred, non-discriminatory sexual health services for women, and children through psychosocial support, education and trainings. 

Goal 2:

To expand the mentor mom initiative within the Jamaican health care sector as the main focal point for the provision of health support services to adolescents mothers.

Goal 3:

Design and deliver strong capacity development programmes promoting positive attitudes to PLHIV, healthy sexual behaviours and parenting skills. 

Goal 4:

Increase the scale and coverage of HIV/STIs communication for adolescent and youth.

Goal 5:

Strengthen policy engagement for teen mothers , female sexual abuse survivors and women and children impacted by HIV/AIDs. 

Goal 6:

Address behaviours fuelling the epidemic such as sexual coercion, violence against women, commercial exploitation and child trafficking. 

Meet The Team

Meet the team keeping the commitment to Care, Creativity and Empowerment.

Meet The Team
The E.F.L. Experience

Check out what our clients and partners have to say about The Eve For Life Experience.

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