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Girls Inspiring Revolutionary Legacies

A Girl Action Lab for girls’ activists and advocates. The Lab supports girls movement to become more resilient and sustainable in their pursuit of substantive equality. This includes amplifying the voices of girls between the ages of 10-19 years to address the impact of HIV/AIDs, teen pregnancy and childhood sexual violence at the national level.

Thematic Areas: >Girls Education > Leadership and Empowerment> Adolescent SRHR Awareness > Resource Mobilization

Girls in Advocacy, Journaling, Media and Public Speaking
Community Change Champions
Changing One Family At A Time

Our work realizes the need to increase awareness around gender-based violence (GBV) and Human Rights within the context of safety and protection for families. This initiative is tailored to address the impact of gender -based violence and family violence at the community level.

It involves mobilising and organising community leaders, influential members and institutions to ensure protection of women and children. Also involves capacity building trainings, community grants and coaching.The Community Change Champion lives in the communities adopted under the E.F.L. Community Mobilisation Project. The community influencers functions as a referral network (whistle blowers) to support GBV prevention and response. CCCs demonstrates interest in #endingGBV and support the integration of E.F.L behaviour change communication strategies and transformational tools in their communities.
Nuh Guh Deh
The Nuh Guh Deh! Movement is a powerful process that strengthens EVE For Life’s working around sexual abuse and exploitation of girls and young women in Jamaica. It brings an aspiration to life –the dream of eradicating child sexual abuse and exploitation in Jamaica. The organisation’s work around sexual abuse and exploitation enhances and strengthens not only who we are individually on the job, but also who we are at home, in the community, and in our spirit. It starts with the individual to increase the effectiveness of the organisation. As a movement, it then fosters solidarity to multiply our impact.

o To inspire us as individuals - by critically examining our personal values and identities, including how we can be true to ourselves in all areas of our lives.

o To strengthen EVE for Life by identifying opportunities for enhancing organizational culture and integrity by walking the talk of child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention within and beyond the workplace.

o To connect us as a movement - by deepening our understanding of the positive power that comes from working together in solidarity.

"Rejecting the normalisation of child sexual abuse... Reporting the adults preying on our girls."
Eve Creative
The Eve Creative provides practical experience, supported by technical and creative guidance for creatives. This Initiative produces Advocacy Campaigns productions and materials to support and showcase the work of the organization.

What To Expect In This Program
- Practical Experience
- Technical & Creative Guidance
- Timelined Assignments
- Independent Working | In Office & Remote Working Options
- Creative Collaboration
- Reports & Evaluations

12 Week Program
- Assigned E.F.L. Creative Project

3 - 11 months Program
- Project Deliverables Assignments

1+ Year Program
- Partner Project Deliverables Assignments
- E.F.L. Project Assignments
S(HE) Speaks
S(HE) Speaks Club is a primary prevention approach that engages young men in addressing gender-based violence in their own lives and in their communities. The club works to create a structure and supportive space for young men to connect with male peers, to redefine masculinity and promote healthy relationships.

There is also an element of leadership development, as the club require the young men to create projects or campaigns to promote their message in their schools or communities.
"We engage men to be accountability partner with their peers. We Engage men as socio -cultural change champions, advocates and consensus builders in communities."