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At Eve For Life clients access an extended family and support system that is highly motivated to support their journey in unlocking their potentials and resilience. 


Eve invests in the lives of Jamaican vulnerable women and children daily by working with each client (mentee) at a granular level. The team is dedicated to support national and global efforts in creating an enabling environment for women and children. 


The Eve For Life's experience is a unique, impactful and an evolving space. The team utilise innovative strategies to engage our mentees (clients) and other stakeholders. We are creative in how we express and celebrate ourselves. 


Eve For Life employs intergenerational  knowledge sharing and learning techniques that strengthens programme development and initiatives through a cadre of technical advisors; mentorship and coaching; capacity and skills building. 

Flagship Program: 26 mentors engaged over the years
Mentor Mom
The Mentorship Program is built on the idea that personal experiences should shape the implementation of peer based interventions. Mentor Moms are E.F.L. programme graduates and can also include non E.F.L. Women Living with HIV (WLHIIV), Female Survivor of Abuse, Teen mothers.

Mentors play the role of a big sister and mentees (clients/beneficiaries) are those young women who they bond with and provide guidance. Mentor Mom support our Case Officers to provide comprehensive case management services, peer support and home based care.

Mentor Moms are provided with comprehensive training in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Life skills, Legal Literacy, Mentorship, fundamentals in Case Management and Social Work , Jamaican Sign Language (level 1) and other related capacity development trainings.

Projected Cost (2023 )
>> Support 5 clients: 1 mentor to 5 Clients ratio= 700 USD | ≈ JMD 100,000 monthly
>> Cost to support 1 capacity training for a cadre of 20: USD
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