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Sexual & Gender Based Violence Survivors
R.O.A.R. Club
The acronym stands for Restoring Order to All Relationships.

This is an empowering client-centered approach that is designed to address the multilevel needs of young female sexual abuse survivors between the ages of 13-25years. The club unpacks the issues surrounding intimate partner violence, childhood sexual traumas and the impact of commercial sexual exploitation on the girl child in Jamaica.

The club supports the journey of female survivors restoring:
[1] Relationship with self
[2] Relationship with perpetuator(s)
[3] Relationship with the community
[4] Relationship with service providers and institutions

> Art Journaling
> Encouragement memes
> Survivor Stories
> Trauma drumming, yoga and mindfulness
> Retreats

Club song: Roar -Katy Perry
HIV Positive Young Women and Teen Mothers
I Am Alive Club
The Club provides a safe space for young positive women and young positive mothers between the ages of 13-25 years to learn more about HIV, rights of persons living with HIV (PLHIVs), motherhood and to be a source of strength, support and encouragement to each other.

> Adherence Bingo
> Pro-active Parenting
> Reminder Alert
> Healthy Lifestyle Road Map
> HIV adherence and PMTCT support
> Positive Me Moodle courses

Club Song: I Rise- Etana
Self Motivated and Responsible Teens
S.M.A.R.T. Club
Through this peer-based and interactive programme we provide a safe and welcoming space where adolescents and youth aged 8-19 years old can connect with peers, learn, develop skills, share experiences, and have fun.

SMART creates a chill spot where adolescents and teens can teach us how to better serve their sexual and reproductive health needs. S.M.A.R.T. discusses and are exposed to STI and HIV management, Child Rights and Leadership.

Age category for programme interventions: 8-12 years and 13-19 years

Core Aspects:
> Sponsorship of a S.M.A.R.T.
>Tutoring & Home-Work Programme
>Social Development Opportunities
>ALHIV adherence support
>Exploring Digital Health Games
Launching in 2024
Eves Club
The aim of the programme is to support the healthy living of at risk and vulnerable girls and young women between the ages of 18-35 through employability and economic independence.

We will focus on:
[1] Depositing equipped young ladies into the labor market – to assume employment in the organisation and otherwise.

[2] Income Generating Grants that promotes female entrepreneurship that include optimizing new market trends and the digital age.

> Certified Vocational Training
> Scholarship
> Internship
> Job Placement
> Entrepreneurship Hub

Tagline: Improving health outcomes through economic development.