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You're interested in joining the team as a Partner. We are excited to provide more information to help you select the one or more partnership type(s) for your Eve For Life Experience.
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Service Partners

We need your volunteer services, if you are a: 


  • General Medical or Specialist Doctor
  • MD - Women's Reproductive Health
  • Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Mental Health Practitioner
  • Bio-medical  or Diagnostic Lab Partner
  • Teacher or Special Ed Practitioner
  • Nutritionist or Wellness Coach
  • Lawyer or Legal Aid Practitioner
  • Printery
  • Other services
Technical Skill Partners

Calling Volunteer Experts !


  • Proposal and Grant Writing and Management 
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Curriculum Development
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Event Planning
  • Policy Design 
  • Advocacy 
  • Other Skills
Institutional Partners

Philanthropy your mission ! We are your Charity Partner.


Join us and support the impactful work at Eve. 

Our Eve Partners

Eve for Life epitomizes an organization that has TRUE interest in and concern for the girl child. It's dedication to quality sexual and reproductive health and rights and ensuring that the young girls are not marginalized. Supporting EVE has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had because I see work that directly impacts the young girl. EVE has been standing for a forgotten group around issues that are unpopular but has not wavered in its efforts. I have seen service above self in its true sense in my experience with EVE. EVE is a little giant that must be recognized for its impactful work. I cherish the opportunity I have had to support this bastion.

Patrick Lalor Eve Partner

Become An Eve Partner

Become An Eve Partner

Become an Eve Partner , apply to support our departments in all the ways we support our work.

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