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Supporting Women and Children

Living with or Impacted By HIV/AIDS

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Supporting Female Survivors

of Childhood Sexual Violence, Gender Based Violence

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Supporting Communities

Fight Against Childhood Sexual Violence, Gender Based Violence

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Eve For Life is a champion in shaping a world where the sexual health and rights of young women and children are protected and upheld.

Proudly Serving Jamaica's Young Women & Children Since 2008

EVE For Life was founded in 2008 in response to a dire need for support to women and children living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. E.F.L. acknowledges 15 years of clarity, durability, and light, while embracing the fragility in the lives of hundreds of young women and girls impacted by HIV, Early Pregnancy and Childhood Sexual Violations.

It is the crystal anniversary and we invite you to celebrate the past, honor the present and usher in the future with us.

Non Governmental and a Civil Society Organization

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It's Our Crystal Anniversary
Celebrate 15 Years of Eve For Life
We are reminiscing on the fun-packed and emotional field visits, support group laughters, tears of losing our sistrens , warm hugs from our children, reliable community change champions, passionate volunteers, staff festivities and our inside jokes.

We are enjoying the opportunity to celebrate 15 years in the HIV and Violence against Women and Children Response. This motivates us to increase our efforts in sustaining transformative, gender-sensitive and human rights programmes.
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Glasset Davis Brown

I wish that everything goes according to plan with all that you all are doing, I wish nothing but greatness for the future.

Ashley Rankine

Congrats on the 15 years!!! Bringing awareness to the community on HIV/AIDS is pivotal in making our communities stronger, healthier and more informed.

Shelecia Reid

To the women who have strength in their hearts, determination in their eyes and survival in their hands. Thank you for showing me that in every circumstance that I can survive ; because you are a survivor. Thank you and may you continue to be victorious in this fight.

Jewel Daniels Radford

Eve For Life, Kudos for 15 years of positively impacting the lives of women and girls! Let us all give things for the passion and sacrifice given by each member of the Eve For Life staff who share their gifts to build a more healthy, knowledgeable, and resilient Jamaica.

Samantha Williams

Continue to be a dedicated and hardworking organization and pray God give you the strength to reach further in life and the strength to continue doing the work you are doing .

Rushell Gray

I wont wish but affirm major growth of years to come with passionate staff members. 2012 EFL stepped into my life, equipping me with lifeskill sessions, mentoring, psychosocial support, Care packages and most important parenting information along with a supportive extended family that always invest in my growth. Thank you for the dream and making it a reality Joy, Pat & Uncle Peter. EFL 15 years but have impacted over 300 families.

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